Starting Up/Membership

Call, Text or Email to find out how to get started.


  Mobile: 0447 597 911





Or you can send an enquiry via our "Contact" page.


On your 1st visit to CrossFit Health Creation, you will be required to undergo our Squat/Movement Fundamental program.

Here you will be assessed on your functional movement biomechanics.

Any variation required in your movement will be addressed.


We explain the reasons WHY, certain adjustments or positioning of the body are required, including breathing techniques.


This information will then help feed through all CrossFit movements.

 (This is a requirement of all participants - regardless of exercise experience) 




Direct Debit - can be paid weekly, fortnightly or every 4 weeks.

This is for UNLIMITED classes per week.


There is no set terms or lock in contracts.


Secondary/Uni Students:

Ask about our discount.

(Applies only to Full Time Students)


Casual Training:

Casual visits are welcomed.

Please contact prior to session

(payment required on the day)


Personal Training / Coaching

$90.00 per hour

$60.00 per ½ hour

Limited times available.